Our    Legacy

MTD provides value added engineered solutions to our customers at a profitable yet competitive price. Our focus is innovation, outstanding service and quality products, delivered on time. Inventive spirit, passion, hard work, and pride set us apart.

Our guiding principles are rooted in the strength of the family. We care deeply about our family of employees and the community we live in. Relationships with our customers and suppliers are strengthened by these principles.

We embrace the creative process in every vein of what we do. We recognize that our ability to innovate is the cornerstone of our company’s legacy for generations past, present and future.

We recognize our employee’s dedication and hard work. We are thankful for our customers, suppliers and community for the trust they place in our company.

Success includes a responsibility to invest in our employees and our community. We are proud to provide opportunities that help make our community a better place to live, work and grow.

To fulfill our core values we must have open, honest and frequent communication; no matter what the situation.