In Search Of Senior Quality Engineer

Middleville Tool & Die is looking for a Senior Quality Engineer to implement and monitor the Quality System. Incumbents shall develop new quality standards and establish programs for implementing and monitoring Customer and Supplier quality requirements acting as liaison for problems and concerns. Develop and initiate standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation. Must be proficient in problem-solving, product development centering around risk assessment (IE: failure modes and error proofing).

Benefits Offered:

Vision, Medical, Life, Dental, 401K

Employment Type:

Full Time

Specific Duties

1. Plan effective product acceptance procedures including inspection instructions for

incoming, in-process, and final inspection/audit and gage and testing equipment.

2. Prepare Customer ISIR / PPAP for new, take-over, and die only projects

assuring all Customer approvals obtained.

3. Provide quality support to Design, Tool Build, and Manufacturing ensuring compliance

with all quality requirements.

4. Maintain a regimented Problem Solving schedule for ensuring timely Identification of root

cause(s), permanent corrective actions (focusing on preventative actions where ever possible),

and timely responses communicated per customer requirements. Maintain status log with on-going follow-up on required actions, and providing summary reports to the Quality Assurance Manager.

5. Evaluate returned product and provide appropriate corrective action.

6. Maintain and control the Nonconforming Hold Area for timely and valid disposition of

nonconforming or suspect material.

7. Implement quality improvements reducing total cost of quality in manufacturing.

8. Monitor, revise, and implement quality system procedures and instruction establishing

training programs for Associates as required.

9. Provide process control measurement required by Customer and manufacturing processes.

10. Research changing technology and develop new quality and reliability techniques as


11. Collaborate with Associates and Engineers from other departments researching new

processes and improving existing processes, tooling, and equipment.

12. Maintain a clean and organized work area.

13. Promote team approach to problem solving as Team Leader, Member, or Coach

troubleshooting operational issues on a daily basis.

15. Develop and/or aide in the development of Standardized Work Instruction for consistent

manufacturing methods.

16. Analyze and revise control plans and inspection sheets considering tool

design/build to determine characteristics that can actually change eliminating time wasted

checking characteristics that cannot change.

17. Drive reduction of process/dimensional variation.

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