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Press Operator

Middleville Tool & Die is in need of Press Operators that must have experience in operating all production machines and feed equipment, including transfers, according to Specifications, Machine Operating Instructions, and the Part Control Plan.

1. Maintain clean and safe working conditions throughout the plant and resolve and/or report
any potential risks to safety and health right away.
2. Follow all health and safety standards, including personal protective equipment
requirements for the work environment.
3. Request and verify the proper raw material according to Part Control Plans.
4. Prepare dies, production machines, and work site for installation and set up, including
fixtures and tools at the assigned work center.
5. Load, remove, start, end and band coils as needed to assist coil technician.
6. Safely operate hilos, cranes, and die carts to transport dies, coils, finished product, etc.
7. Prepare, load and adjust straighteners and feeders, and install and remove dies.
8. Set production machines and operate support equipment in accordance with the Quality
Data Sheets and Set-up Sheets.
9. Maintain press fluid levels.
10. Troubleshoot machines (using Smart Pac, sensors, and controls) to ensure both quality
and maximum levels of production.
11. If a problem with machines occurs Operators must stop machines with Top/Emergency
Stop Buttons and/or Main Power and then report malfunction to the Press Technician.
12. Read, understand, complete and follow all production paperwork, including Tags,
Quality Data Sheets and Set-up Sheets.
13. Conduct first piece and parts-in-process inspections for non-conformance according to
Part Control Plans.
14. Use calipers, micrometers, height gages, protractors, and ring gages to assure quality
15. Interpret CMM reports.
16. Participate in continuous improvement, waste reduction activities and standard of clean.
17. Recommend measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and
quality of product through team involvement.
18. Organize and maintain both personal and team work areas (based on audit scores).
19. Communicate optimally to provide accurate, necessary, and timely information to all
team members.

CNC Machinist

Middleville Tool & Die is in need of CNC Machinists whose primary responsibility will be operation of CNC Mills. Including but not limited to setup / pickup of details, loading, and if necessary editing programs either by G code at the control or thru the Software. While working with the CNC Leader, Programmers, Die Makers, and Die repair.


1. Ability to work with minimal supervision and follow both verbal and written lineup.

2. Ability to use and read Micrometer, Calipers, and other precision measuring tools.

3. Ability to read and understand part prints, color codes, and part tolerances.

4. Insure a safe clean working environment. Promote and support MTD’s Lean system, ensuring

5-S standards are followed.

5. Perform and assist in the maintenance of CNC equipment as necessary.

6. Perform related duties as assigned.

7. Make recommendations to the CNC Leader for the purchase of perishable tools and equipment.

8. The ability to run multiple machines at once.

9. The ability to setup workpiece, load program and inspect size / fit of components without assistance, including but not limited to indicating, edge finding, building tools and setting Z offset and diameter compensation offsets.


High school education. Additional courses in drafting, blueprint reading and CAD/CAM software applications would be beneficial. MasterCam programming software is also beneficial.

A minimum of two (2) years experience as a CNC Operator is required. Working Knowledge of OKK Mills is a plus.

Senior Die Designer

Looking for a Challenge?

We are looking for a high energy Senior Die Designer with extensive knowledge in tool processing and die design. The ideal candidate will have a creative mindset, love working on complex designs, and see each new challenge as an opportunity to apply and grow their engineering expertise.

As a Senior Die Designer, you will be part of a cross-functional engineering team that includes product design engineers, tooling engineers, simulation engineers, tool makers, and manufacturing engineers. This position is not for the average die designer, we are looking for the best of the best; if they hear a that a project will present a challenge, all they see is opportunity.


A creative and thorough engineer with the ability to visualize the manufacturing of a metal part using a stamping die. They are capable of reviewing tools and die designs, determine the methods to assemble, test and debug complete tools especially stamping dies whether single hit, transfer or progressive. They review the part specifications, drawings and requirements, work with the product development team, provided leadership to design resources and work primarily unsupervised to complete the tasks by performing the following duties.


  • Create designs, details, and dimensioning of CAD files and prints for the manufacturing of dies and associated tooling, fixtures, and press modifications.
  • Ensure to maintain/update part prints for manufacturing tools.
  • Facilitate all internal and external design reviews.
  • Comply with MTD/customer design process and standards, when required.
  • Maintain design files.
  • Receive, evaluate and disperse design assignments and documents to maintain steady work flow though design department.
  • Track and files design changes requested by manufacturing.
  • Maintain document control.
  • Program Manage Outsourced Sim and Design Contractors
  • Provide project management and development leadership to design team
  • Comply with all company quality requirements.
  • Apply lean manufacturing concepts to work methods.
  • Organize and maintain personal work area.
  • Consistently adhere to and support policies and procedures including ISO, TS16949 and safety regulations.
  • Insure a safe, clean working environment, promote and support MTD’s Lean System by ensuring 5-S standards are followed.
  • Occasional other duties as assigned by Director of Engineering & Tooling.


  • Associate’s degree (A.A) or equivalent from two-year College or technical school; or four years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Training in 2D and 3D modeling software. Please specify software product proficiency.
  • Equivalent to a high school education with formal Journeyman Tool & Die training.


Minimum five (5) to ten (10) years’ tool room experience in tool shop or tool and die environment is preferred.

Press Operator Trainee


Will be trained to operate all production machines and feed equipment, including transfers, according to Specifications, Machine Operating Instructions, and the Part Control Plan. Fill out Hour-by-Hour Charts with shift information and problem identification information.


  • Lift, load, and unload parts in a manufacturing machine, utilizing proper containers and packaging according to the Part Control Plan.
  • Observe machine operations, for position of work pieces and abnormal movements or sounds which may indicate a process or equipment problem.
  • Operators must stop machine with Top/Emergency Stop Buttons and/or Main Power and then report malfunction to the Zone Leader.
  • Assist in the set-up of dies, fixtures, or tools at the assigned work center.
  • Set production machines and support equipment in accordance with the Part Control Plan and Set-up Sheet.
  • Check parts for non-conformance in accordance with the Part Control Plan.
  • Follow all Company policies and procedures.
  • Maintain clean and safe working conditions throughout the plant.
  • Participate in continuous improvement and waste reduction activities.
  • Recommend measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, quality of product, and safety.
  • Assist in identifying and resolving manufacturing problems through team involvement.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


Minimum of six (6) months related experience.


Errors could result in high monetary losses if machines or dies are damaged and adversely effect

the Company’s relationship with Customers.


Duties are of a routine and repetitive nature involving the operation of various production


Continuous Improvement Manager

Come grow with us!

We are looking to fill a Continuous Improvement Manager position. Responsibilities include implementation and overseeing of the Middleville Tool Production System (MTPS) with the goal of eliminating all forms of waste throughout the entire organization. Responsible for leading teams to support the implementation of Lean projects. Engages the organization to adapt a Lean/ Continuous Improvement culture.


  • Direct, plan, and monitor all MTPS activities company wide. Facilitate the Lean Steering Committee to guide Lean implementation and training. Maintain MTPS communication board.
  • Facilitate CIR program, weekly meetings to review suggestions, participate in quarterly meetings and hold drawings.
  • Provide Lean training and coaching to associates in problem solving techniques to empower all associates to implement solutions. Training, support and coaching of associates in the application of tools such as Standardized Work, TPM, SMED, and Pull Systems.
  • Utilize Lean tools to identify potential opportunities internal at MTD and the supply chain.
  • Leading, organization, and coordination of team projects to eliminate waste.
  • Working knowledge of Lean tools including Kaizen, Standardized Work, SMED, TPM, Visual Management, Kanban, etc…
  • Creation / execution of takt-time analysis for balancing out machines and operators. Perform time studies to set standards; create and document standardized work.
  • Maintain 5S Audit & Auditor training schedules.
  • Develop metrics that encourage and promote continual improvement and support from all areas of the organization.
  • Prioritization of tasks, develop action plans, identify and assign responsibilities along with department managers.
  • Follow-up of action plans, supporting elimination of problems and informing top management in cases where major roadblocks exist.
  • Stays current with Lean concepts through continual education such as benchmarking other companies on Lean methods and strategies.


Bachelor Degree, specifically in Engineering (preferred). Equivalent to four (4) years of college with specialized training in manufacturing processes and problem solving techniques such as PDCA, Kaizen, A3 etc.


Three (3) to five (5) years of related experience in the Manufacturing industries, metal stamping and welding preferred … where waste reduction has been the main focus.

Tool & Die Technician

Want to join a growing company? Then this is the the job for you!

Responsibilities: Maintain and care for die to ensure excellent condition. Work with teams to troubleshoot die problems and issues for production efficiency.


  • Responsible for the repair, cleaning, and troubleshooting of dies
  • Work with the production department with all tooling issues
  • Coordinate with tool room with regards to repairs and preventative maintenance that cannot be done in-house
  • Study blueprints, sketches, models, or specifications to plan sequences of operations for fabricating tools, dies, or assemblies
  • Verify dimensions, alignments, and clearances of finished parts for conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments such as calipers, gauge blocks, micrometers, and dial indicators
  • Set up and operate conventional or computer numerically controlled machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders to cut, bore, grind, or otherwise shape parts to prescribed dimensions and finishes
  • File, grind, shim, and adjust different parts to properly fit them together
  • With proper approval fit and assemble parts to make, repair, or modify dies, jigs, gauges, and tools, using machine tools and hand tools
  • Conduct test runs with completed tools or dies to ensure that parts meet specifications; make adjustments as necessary
  • Inspect finished dies for smoothness, contour conformity, and defects
  • Smooth and polish flat and contoured surfaces of parts or tools, using scrapers, abrasive stones, files, emery cloths, or power grinders
  • Cut, shape, and trim blanks or blocks to specified lengths or shapes, using power saws, power shears, rules, and hand tools
  • Order material, responsible for correct inventory, and parts needed for tool repair and maintenance Initiate and conduct preventative maintenance on all dies


Equivalent to a high school education with some formal training in a specific field.


Minimum eight (8) years tool room experience in progressive die building and/or hold a Journeyman Card. Must be highly skilled in die making and must have through knowledge of all tool build processes.

Senior Quality Engineer

Position Summary:

The Sr. Quality engineer is responsible for implementing and monitoring the Quality System.

 General Responsibilities:

  • Develop new quality standards and establish programs for implementing and monitoring customer and supplier quality requirements acting as liaison for problems and concerns.

  • Develop and initiate standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation.

  • Responsible for the accomplishment of established quality goals.

Specific Duties: 

  1. Plan effective product acceptance procedures including inspection instructions for incoming, in-process, and final inspection/audit and gage and testing equipment.

  2. Prepare Customer ISIR / PPAP for new, take-over, and die only projects assuring all Customer approvals obtained.

  3. Provide quality support to Design, Tool Build, and Manufacturing ensuring compliance with all quality requirements.

  4. Maintain Problem Solving and Corrective Action Systems assuring identification, root cause, permanent corrective action, and responsive action for responsible department or Associates. Maintain status and follow-up on required actions and provide summary reports to the Quality Assurance Manager.

  5. Evaluate returned product and provide appropriate corrective action.

  6. Maintain and control the Nonconforming Hold Area for timely and valid disposition of nonconforming or suspect material.

  7. Implement quality improvements reducing total cost of quality in manufacturing.

  8. Monitor, revise, and implement quality system procedures and instruction establishing training programs for Associates as required.

  9. Provide process control measurement required by Customer and manufacturing processes.

  10. Research changing technology and develop new quality and reliability techniques as required.

  11. Collaborate with Associates and Engineers from other departments researching new processes and improving existing processes, tooling, and equipment.

  12. Maintain a clean and organized work area.

  13. Promote team approach to problem solving as Team Leader, Member, or Coach troubleshooting operational issues on a daily basis.

  14. Develop and/or aide in the development of Standardized Work Instruction for consistent manufacturing methods.

  15. Analyze and revise control plans and inspection sheets considering tool design/build to determine characteristics that can actually change eliminating time wasted checking characteristics that cannot change.

  16. Drive reduction of process/dimensional variation.

  17. Perform related duties as assigned.

 Knowledge & Education:

  • Equivalent to a four year college degree with technical training in inspection policies, practices, and objectives.

  • Should be familiar with layout and statistical techniques.

Work Experience:

 Approximately five years of related experience in automotive and office furniture oriented manufacturing. Should also have some customer contact experience. Background should include experience in stamping, assembly, etc.

Maintenance Technician - $1,500.00 Signing Bonus

Middleville Tool & Die is in need of Maintenance Technicians on all shifts. A $1,500 signing bonus will be granted to qualified new hires. Maintenance Technicians will assist in maintaining machines and equipment to operate at peak efficiency with maximum utilization and up time. Performs predictive, preventative as well as inspection maintenance. This position reports to the Maintenance Manager.


1. Performs breakdown maintenance as well as predictive and preventative maintenance.

2. Provides feedback to both Production and Maintenance Associates.

3. Identifies potential safety problems and makes needed safety adjustments as necessary.

4. Identifies potential problem areas within the production area.

5. Identifies downtime causes, and reports same to Production and Maintenance Associates.

6. Rebuild components as needed.

7. Assists in development of Maintenance Procedures and Processes.

8. Performs corrective maintenance, lubrication, and equipment inspection.

9. Assists in identifying causes during inspection and make needed adjustments as necessary.

10. Provide written feedback on work performed on work orders, inspection check list and repair


11. Participates in overall machine effectiveness efforts and waste reduction.

12. Works in the most efficient manner to meet and exceed all established corporate goals.

13. Assists in analyzing and resolving work problems.

14. Recommends measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and

quality of product.

15. Maintains good housekeeping in all areas.


Equivalent to a high school education with additional formal training in maintenance or related

courses to include electrical and hydraulic exposure.

Minimum of two (2) years in general maintenance, of which one (1) years experience should berelated to stamping presses and support equipment.Must be well versed in electrical and hydraulic aspects of machinery.

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