In Search Of Tool & Die Maker;
Die Maintenance -3rd shift

We are looking for someone with the ability to process new die build from start to completion from blueprint model and/or math data. Familiar with all tool room equipment, machinery, and procedures. Knowledge of all types of raw materials and their respective applications, such as heat treating and appropriate coatings. Ability to perform or lead all aspects of the new tool build and die repair processes.

Benefits Offered:

Vision, Medical, Life, Dental, 401K

Employment Type:

Full Time

Specific Duties

  1. Identify and eliminate all forms of waste.
  2. Work directly with operators on short-term resolutions and permanent corrective actions for day to day issues.
  3. Perform die repair, engineering changes, and assist in new tool builds.
  4. Investigate and report, via Die Track and/or EOR Inspection, all repair work to tooling and/or related auxiliary equipment (chutes, SmartPac, sprayer system, etc.).
  5. Insure expected quality of workmanship
  6. Perform all in-press repair tasks required.
  7. Teach and train Manufacturing and other department team members as required.
  8. Assist in insuring a safe, clean working environment.
  9. Requisition supplies and perishable tools as required.
  10. Assist in maintaining good housekeeping shop wide.
  11. Assist Die Designers as required in keeping detail prints up tot date and designing the most efficient type of dies.
  12. Perform related duties as assigned.
1900 Patterson Rd, Middleville, MI 49333
(269) 795-3646