In Search Of Press Operator

Middleville Tool & Die is in need of Press Operators that must have experience in operating all production machines and feed equipment, including transfers, according to Specifications, Machine Operating Instructions, and the Part Control Plan.


$15 – $17

Employment Type:

Full Time

Specific Duties

1. Maintain clean and safe working conditions throughout the plant and resolve and/or report
any potential risks to safety and health right away.
2. Follow all health and safety standards, including personal protective equipment
requirements for the work environment.
3. Request and verify the proper raw material according to Part Control Plans.
4. Prepare dies, production machines, and work site for installation and set up, including
fixtures and tools at the assigned work center.
5. Load, remove, start, end and band coils as needed to assist coil technician.
6. Safely operate hilos, cranes, and die carts to transport dies, coils, finished product, etc.
7. Prepare, load and adjust straighteners and feeders, and install and remove dies.
8. Set production machines and operate support equipment in accordance with the Quality
Data Sheets and Set-up Sheets.
9. Maintain press fluid levels.
10. Troubleshoot machines (using Smart Pac, sensors, and controls) to ensure both quality
and maximum levels of production.
11. If a problem with machines occurs Operators must stop machines with Top/Emergency
Stop Buttons and/or Main Power and then report malfunction to the Press Technician.
12. Read, understand, complete and follow all production paperwork, including Tags,
Quality Data Sheets and Set-up Sheets.
13. Conduct first piece and parts-in-process inspections for non-conformance according to
Part Control Plans.
14. Use calipers, micrometers, height gages, protractors, and ring gages to assure quality
15. Interpret CMM reports.
16. Participate in continuous improvement, waste reduction activities and standard of clean.
17. Recommend measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and
quality of product through team involvement.
18. Organize and maintain both personal and team work areas (based on audit scores).
19. Communicate optimally to provide accurate, necessary, and timely information to all
team members.

1900 Patterson Rd, Middleville, MI 49333
(269) 795-3646